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FHA 203k Overview

The FHA 203k is a renovation loan program that provides funds for both the purchase and renovation of a home. There are two types of an FHA 203k loan. The first is normal 203k, which is given for properties that need structural repairs such as a room addition, or for when repairs are more than $31,500. This loan requires a HUD inspector and is more costly.

The second is the streamlined203k or what is now called the Limited203k, which is given for non-structural repairs or for when repairs total less than $31,500. The typical repairs we see on Limited FHA 203k loan are roof, HVAC, flooring, minor kitchen or bathroom updates. This is a fairly simple process and we have closed many of these loans. If there is only one repair type needed such as only flooring or only roof then you just provide one estimate from a local licensed company. If there is more than one repair type then you will need a General Contractor to oversee the project and you will need to provide the estimate from the GC. We then take the repair estimate, add 10% for cost over-runs and add that to the purchase price and then your 3.5% down payment is computed from there.

So, yes you can buy a house and borrow more money than the purchase price. You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars in the bank to fund the repairs and improvements yourself.

What about an FHA 203k loan if you already own your home? Yes, you can do an FHA 203k loan for a refinance as well!

With FHA though we have to keep the loan amount within the FHA guidelines and presently in Alachua County, the maximum loan amount is $275,665. Different Counties have different limits so check with us for the maximum loan amount for each county in Florida.

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